Now it is time to learn how to ask questions in Egyptian. Questions are formed simply by inserting the question word in the phrase being questioned. Here is a list of Egyptian question words:

howwaهُوَّ makes a yes/no question
ezzaayإزَّاي how
kaamكَام how much
meenمِين who
eyhإيه what
leyhلِيه why
faynفَين where
emtEإمتى when
anheeأنهِي which

You have two options for the position of the question word:

  • At the start of the phrase, for example:
    how much [is] the clock?
    ?” rel=”lang_ar-eg” jQuery1293385818690=”25″>kaam alsaa3at> ?كَام السَاعَة ؟
    what [is] your name?
    eyh esmak ?إيه إسمَك ؟
    why do you learn Egyptian?
    leyh betet3allem maSree ?لِيه بِتِتعَلِّم مَصرِي ؟
  • In the context of the phrase itslef, for example: the clock [is] how much?
    kaam ?” rel=”lang_ar-eg” jQuery1293385818690=”31″>alsaa3at> kaam ?السَاعَة كَام ؟
    your name [is] what?
    esmak eyh ?إسمَك إيه ؟
    you learn Egyptian why?
    betet3allem maSree leyh?بِتِتعَلِّم مَصرِي لِيه؟


For answering questions and forming more expressive phrases, one needs some prepositions and articles. So it is a good chance to learn them now. Here is a list of useful prepositions and articles:

mennمِنّ from/than
le-لِـ to/for
3anعَن about
3alEعَلى on
feeفِي in
be-بِـ with
ennإنّ that
3alashaanعَلَشَان because
lakenلَكِن but

A simple example of using prepositions is:
enta fayn?إنتَ فَين؟ anaa fee alshaare3.أنَا فِي الشَارِع.
Using these prepositions and articles allows you to form complex phrases consisting of more than one verb. There is one common practice to be considered here nevertheless. In case a pronoun comes after a preposition or an article, the pronoun is replaced by its object pronoun. For example, if we want to translate the following phrase:
“I know that you learn Egyptian”
A valid, yet weak, translation would be:
ba’3raf [ enn enta ] betet3allem maSreeبأعرَف [ إنّ إنتَ ] بِتِتعَلِّم مَصرِي The rule here is replacing the pronoun by its object pronoun, that is:
enn enta= ennakإنّ إنتَ= إنَّك the better translation then is:
ba’3raf ennak betet3allem maSreeبأعرَف إنَّك بِتِتعَلِّم مَصرِي 

That is it with questions and prepositions, you are close to finish level 1!


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