Prefixes, suffixes and formation are the most important characteristics that determine languages. Over years, Modern Egyptian Language created its own suffixs and prefixs as all modern languages do. However, Many people do not realise this and use the Arabic formation as they are used in to write in Arabic thinking that it may also be used in Egyptian as it is an Arabic loanword. Yes, it is an Arabic loan word, but in Arabic formation. You can borrow the the root but not the whole word. Words need to be in Egyptian formation.


If I want to say I am tired,
In Egyptian: انا تعبان
In Arabic: انا متعب

From the previous example we know that the word “تعب” has been Egyptianised and Egyptian suffix  “ان-” was added to it to make it Adjective in Egyptian.

Test the phenomenon

To insure the occurance of this phenomenon in Modern Egyptian Language, do the following:

  1. Think of a word of non Arabic orgin or Egyptian orgin; in our case we are choosing the word “يشيل”, to carry.
  2. When it is converted to noun, Egyptian people wthout realising say it “شيالان”, carrying as in بطل شيالان aka stop carrying.

This was just an example to demonstrate the concept but of course, the concept is not limited to it.

We took the same road of this concept to find out the rest of the Egyptian formation for the making of Egyptianisation table next topic.

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