How to Egyptianise the words?


How to Egyptianise the words?

Follow these steps:

  1. Get the word you want to Egyptianise.
    ex. Arabic رابح, مغلق

  2. Get the type.
    ex. verb, noun, noun -er jobs, noun plural, adjective

  3. Get the scale rooting.
    ex. فاعل, مفعل

  4. Get the original root.
    ex. فعل) -> ربح, غلق)

  5. Optional: Translate root if available.
    ex. كسب, قفل

  6. Refer to the Egyptianisation table Determine the list of the possible scale root formation in Egyptian for the word.
    ex. Adjective فعلان for humans, مفعول  ,متفعل.

  7. Get the corresponding Egyptian words based on the Egyptian rooting list and on the translation if available, then choose the best and the most appropriate one.
    ex. كسبان, مقفول, متقفل

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