Pronouns In Egyptian(Masri)


Pronouns in Egyptian(Masri)


Pronoun in English Pronoun in Egyptian(Masri) Pronunciation Comments Example

Personal Pronouns

Note: It is seperated from the word behind it and the word after it- Never Connected

I انا ana
You(m) انتا enta    
You(f) انتي enti    
You(p) انتو ento    
We احنا ehna    
He هوا howwa    
She هيا heyya    
They هما homma    

Possessive Pronouns

Note: It is connected to the word behind it and to the second pronoun after it.

My/Me ي- -y (ني-) pron(ny) is used when the pronoun (me) used with verbs.  
Your(m)/You(m) ك- -ak    
Your(f)/You(f) ك- -ek    
Your(p)/You(p) كو- -ko    
Our/Us نا- -na    
His/Him/It و- -o هو(ho) is used when the pronoun is in the middle of two words (to pronouns come after each other ex: هو هيديـهولو = He will give it/him(it) to him/it(him).)  
Her/Her/It ها- -ha    
Their/Them هم- -hom    

To = لـ ex -To Him = لو- (Connected to the word behind it)
Ex: I will give it/her(it) to you = انا هديـهالك
ها = it, لـ = to, ك = you

To = ليـ  ex -To Her =  ليها  is only used with possessive pronouns when there is a noun before it. (It is always seperated from the noun behind).
Ex: A message to you(m) = رسالة ليك
ليـ = to, ك = you

Some pronouns change form if there is (يـ , ا, و) vowels found in the noun before them as the following:

My/Me =يا- pron(ya)
Your(m)/You(m) = ك- pron(ek)
Your(f)/You(f) =كي – pron(ki)
His/Him/It = ـه- pron(eh)

what, who, which, whom, whose, that = الي (pronounced: Elly)

This, That = ده (m) (Pronounced: Dah), ديه (m) (Pronounced: Deh)

These, Those = دول (Pronounced: Dowl)

Here = هنا, There = هناك

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